A massive rally and one million signatures against Israel [Archives:2004/741/Local News]

May 27 2004

Monday, 24 May 2004, Sana'a- Sana'a secretariat witnessed a massive rally against the barrier Israel is currently constructing inside Palestinian territory. The barrier is perceived as another form of land grab against Palestinian lands by the Israelis.
The rally came to crown the one-million signature campaign of the Canaan Association. The rally began marching from the headquarters of the association to the office of the UN. It was headed by a number of social, political and media figures and representatives of labor unions and civil society organizations and members of the diplomatic corp.
Dr. Abdul Aziz Bin Habtour, Vice-Minister of Education and Col. Yahya Mohamed Abdullah Saleh, Chairman of the Canaan Association, and a number of dignitaries sent letters to Mr. James Rawly, Resident Representative of UNDP in Sana'a, consisting of one million signatures protesting against the racial barrier the Israelis are constructing inside Palestinian lands, along with a legal petition addressed to the International Court of Justice and a condemnation letter to Mr. Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of UN, as a means of protest of the Yemeni citizens to the segregation policy the Israeli occupational forces are practicing and demanding an end to the killings, tormenting and crimes imposed on the Palestinians by Israeli occupational forces.