A meeting on insurance [Archives:2004/723/Local News]

March 25 2004

Fahmia Al-Fotih
Under the a title “On the way of achieving insurance protection for all employees in the private sector” and under the auspices of Mr. Hamoud Khalid Al-Sofi, the Minister of Civil Services and Insurances, the General Authority of Social Insurances concluded on Monday 22 March its sixth 3-day consultation meeting.
Members of a number of boards of directors and representatives of governmental insurance-related organisations along with a number of heads of unions and other associations attended the meeting.
Mr. Al-Sofi, stressed the importance of holding such activities. “Unfortunately, most people here in Yemen do not know the importance of having insurance, so it becomes necessary to make awareness campaigns about such topics” he said.
Mr. Abdualmalilk, Head of the General Authority of Social Insurances, told the Yemen Times “We want through holding this meeting to expand insurance coverage to include all employees in the private sector in different fields. We want also to simplify the procedures of subscription to insurance and develop administrative and technical work through implementing the auto-system. The meeting also discussed and evaluated the 2003 plan and the recommendations of the fifth consultation meeting and introduced the 2004 plan as well.”
He added “We also display the obstacles and problems that hinder the Authority's activities and its branches in expanding the required social protection for all the workers in the private sector, try to make the right decisions and put in place practical solutions”.