A memorable tripThe charm of the Cataracts Mountains [Archives:2004/798/Last Page]

December 13 2004

By Abdulwahab Abdulqawi Al Sofi
[email protected]
For The Yemen Times

Some people prefer the simple and healthy life of our country; there they avoid the smoke of factories, the speed of city life and the crowded means of transport. They also enjoy the fresh country air and the beauty of nature.
One day we as job-mates decided to enjoy our holiday far off from the city's din and pollution. Our friend drove us along the main road towards Sana'a province in the early morning. It took two hours from Hodeidah city to arrive to that charming calm place, called Cataracts mountains in Al Qadam area ( Haraz).
As soon as we arrived, we started to hear our hearts' pulses because of quietness and the fantastic sight. Calmness dominates the place except some roars of vehicles in the main road.
High mountains are everywhere leaving a narrow way to passersby. These high mountains always obstruct the burning sunshine from visitors. They are overlooking on each other as if they embraced each other. The most beautiful is the Cataract that wells out of a mountain. It runs all time of year.
It is really a big fountain created by God in a middle of high mountains. This waterfall flows from up to down making a small lake at the bottom of the mountain in which visitors can swim.
In addition to that, green pleases the sightseers and revives visitors. When we sat down for relaxing, we noticed that mountains surrounded us everywhere.
The sky was only our roof, green grasses were our mattresses and the mountains were the walls. We were powerfully affected by our mountains surroundings. Among those beautiful sceneries was the water murmuring of the cataract flowed from up to down, increase us the most enjoyable.
What a beautiful place. Calmness, green, water and shade are all there. Should you only bring your beautiful face, it will increase all the prettier. In a day you can live a fantastic life there, visitors can bring their food and may cook there.
In spite of our long, hard journey, we were very satisfied, because we were refresh energy and we learned many things.
We learned how mountains are calm, modest and steady despite their loftiness. Moreover, at time of day it is absurd to ignore the role of mountains in decorating our surroundings.
It is a law in this universe that the best things shall be the most seldom seen in their best form. Our lovable Yemen is rich in many charming sceneries which worthily attract tourists from all over the world.
Before the sunset, we were obliged to leave the place, but the scenery has stuck in our minds. Thus, we did feel very sorry to lose this charming place.
Each one of us wishes to go there time and again.