A need to develop capacity of partners Oxfam-GB hosts a finance management training workshop [Archives:2003/53/Business & Economy]

December 24 2003

An intensive finance management training workshop was held during December 21-23 by Oxfam GB-Yemen.
During the 3-day training course, finance managers and accountants from different non-governmental organizations operating in Yemen were trained by Oxfam’s finance staff.
“The workshop’s aim is to build the capacity of Oxfam-GB partners in financial management and to enable partners to produce satisfactory financial reports,” Mohammed al-Malahy, the Finance and Administration Officer told the Yemen Times.
Oxfam also plans to conduct another workshop in the financial management during March 2003.
“We are grateful to Oxfam’s finance staff for informing us of up-to-date finance techniques and methods,”
Elham Ali from the Aden Women Union highlighted the fact that some organizations were progressing rapidly while their finance affairs were discarded.
On the other hand, and representing the Arab Sisters Forum, Reyadh Farahani, thanked Oxfam’s team for their efforts in holding the course. “Such training courses are useful in improving and promoting capabilities of finance representatives and accountants of civil society organizations,” Farahani said.
Due to the rapid technological advancement in finance, great importance has been given to up-to-date techniques to cope with the global finance revolution shaping up in the world, Reyadh emphasized.
Abdulrahman al-Oqab, from Khadeejah Women Association clearly mentioned that as a participant he was able to gain a lot of experience in the main principles of finance and accounting. “In this course, we got acquainted with knowing all there is to know about preparing records, files and financial reports. Besides, up-to-date financial methods and techniques were presented by Oxfam’s Staff he said.
“As a growing association, we benefit greatly from such courses in improving our capacities in finance and accounting,”
All participants expressed their deep appreciation to Oxfam’s finance lecturers and coordinators including Mohammed al-Malahy and Aziz al-Athwari for exerting great efforts to make the training finance course a success.
Oxfam started its operations in Yemen in 1983 soon after the earthquake in Dhamar took place. Oxfam’s mandate by then was to help overcome the disaster’s consequences in Dhamar. However, ever since then, Oxfam has been quite active in helping Yemenis overcome poverty and suffering through training, technical and other types of assistance.
Oxfam works in Yemen because it believes that Yemen needs a helping hand in overcoming its difficulties due to its status as one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world with an extremely high poverty rate that continues to rise by the day.
Oxfam believes that Yemen’s conditions are much more severe compared to the other Arab countries in the region, and hence deserves greater attention and assistance.