A pageantry of EloquenceFirst Inter-college Elocution Competition at Hodeidah University [Archives:2003/630/Education]

April 7 2003
Dr. Mahyoub Abdel Rahman, Vice Rector, Students Affairs, Hodeida University
Dr. Mahyoub Abdel Rahman, Vice Rector, Students Affairs, Hodeida University
Dr. Ibrahim Omer Hugari, Dean, Education Faculty, Hodeida University
Dr. Ibrahim Omer Hugari, Dean, Education Faculty, Hodeida University
Dr. Qassim Berihe, President, Hodeida University
Dr. Qassim Berihe, President, Hodeida University
Panel of judges
Panel of judges
A section of the enraptured audience
A section of the enraptured audience
Waleed Hamoud (1st)
Waleed Hamoud (1st)
Abdal Rahman (2nd)
Abdal Rahman (2nd)
Ameen Ahmed (3rd)
Ameen Ahmed (3rd)
Dr. Ramakanta Sahu
Under the joint auspices of Department of English, Faculty of Arts, Hodeidah University, and Al-Adeeb magazine brought out by students of Arts college, the first Inter-college Elocution competition was held at Arts college New Hall on Thursday, 3 April 2003. The idea was mooted by the department to augment the latent sparks of creativity in the students of Arts and Education faculties. Quite clearly, the competition evoked a wave of enthusiasm among the youths of the faculties and provided them with a much needed forum for self-expression, a valuable chance to exhibit their oratorical skills instilling in them the confidence to air their views in public. This was also a rare opportunity for the young participants to vibrantly interact with a wider audience on a spectrum of highly topical, intellectually stimulating issues, beyond the strait-jackets of their academic disciplines. This event eventually marked the first major extracurricular activity launched by the English department for the current academic year. In the fitness of things it was meticulously planned and deftly executed with passion and professionalism, thanks to the patronage, supervision and guidance by Dr. Qassim Mohammed Berihe, President of the university, Dr. Mahyoub Abdel Rahman, Vice Chairman, Dr. Ibrahim Omer Hugari, Dean, Faculty of Education, Dr. Khawlah Kaid Nasr Ahmed, Dean, Faculty of Arts, Prof. (Dr.) Chhanda Roy, Head, English Department, Mr. Yassir Mohammed Nasser Ali, teacher and Al-Adeeb magazine committee, represented by Mr. Yahya Saleh, Editor.
The glittering ceremony got off to an enthusiastic start with recitation from the Holy Quran by Hussein Tanem (Level 2 Arts). The competition was organized in two phases. Prior to the competition a review committee consisting of Dr. Ashok Kumar Sinha, Dr. M. Nagarajan, and Dr. K. Thiagaragan had scrupulously screened the presentation-entries by the prospective participants and judiciously selected 25 entries who were to take part in the final event. These contestants, bubbling with energy, vivacity and equipped with much rehearsed scholastic, analytical and oratorical skills made their highly impressive presentations to a packed audience.
Dr. Ramakanta Sahu of Sanaa University, Dr. Luoy Abdel Wahab of the faculty of Medical Sciences, and Dr. Abdullah Shamy, Faculty of Education, both of Hodeidah University constituted the panel of judges to adjudge their performances.
Each presentation had a distinctive flavor in terms of brilliance of ideas and originality of approach as well as the presentational skills of the individual speakers, making the task of the judges really tough. However, after a careful analysis of different aspects of the presentations the judges announced their considered decision to the thunderous applause of the capacity audience:
First: Waleed Hamoud
Second: Abdal Rahman Al-Ahdal
Third: Ameen Ahmed Al-Ahdal

Dr. Mahyoub Abdel Rahman, Vice Rector, Students' Affairs, in his address unequivocally expressed his great appreciation for the members of English Department under the dynamic stewardship of Dr. Chhanda Roy, Head, for their pioneering efforts and for so efficiently stage-managing the whole show. The Dean, Faculty of Arts, Dr. Khawlah, in her appreciative note lauded the fact that what originated as a small idea had so admirably blossomed into an event of such marvelous magnitude. She thanked the judges, the participants and all concerned for making the occasion a resounding success.
Dr. Ramakanta Sahu, speaking on behalf of the panel of judges, thanked the organizers for giving them a unique opportunity of interaction with some of the most sensitive and intellectually poignant young minds of Hodeidah University.
Mr. Yahya Saleh of Level 2 (Arts), Editor Al-Adeeb, and Mr. Shadi Farouq, students' representative also spoke on the occasion. The events was very efficiently compered by Marwa Gawad.
As the colorful competition drew to a close, every body present felt a high sense of fulfillment and satisfaction for the accomplishment which is, by any reckoning, a glorious milestone in the annals of the history of students' activities in Hodeidah University.

Speakers and Topics

Talal Sadeq (Arts, Level 3): Global Zoo
Ibtihaj Saleh (Education): Youth in Danger
Abdal Rahman (Education, Level 4): Educated Uneducated: The Choice is Yours
Hafidh Hamza (Arts): Two Different Civilizations
Fatima Ahmed (Arts): Islam and Political Evolution of Muslims
Riyadh Abdullah (Arts, Level 3): After me, the Deluge
Shadia Ismael (Arts): When Innocence is Raped
Maha Saleh (Arts, Level 3): The King and His Kingdom
Shahid Sikandar (Arts): The Abandoned
Abdu Al-Baset Abdo (Arts, Level 2): Bad Imitation
Shams Abdal Raheem (Arts, Level 3): The Language of Gestures
Ibtissam Abdal Aziz (Arts): Ambition
Muniya Abbass (Arts, Level 3): The Killing of Innocence
Nabaweeya Hameed (Arts, Level 4): Paper's Voyage
Waleed Hamoud (Education, Level 3): Teaching
Ameen Ahmed (Arts, Level 3): Is it Too Late to Mend?
Amani Mohammed (Education): Troubles of Teaching English
Mutahar Al-Mahweeti (Arts, Level 2): Under the Shadow of Smiles
Manal Mayoub (Arts, Level 2): I am Here
Nahla Ibrahim (Arts): Journey of a Word
Waleed Hassan (Arts): When War Carried out!
Dina Morshed (Education): Learning a Language
Mohammed Ali (Arts): The Anatomy of the World
Muad Ali (Arts, Level 4): Being Practical
Abdullah Tawab (Arts, Level 1): The Muteness of Arabs