A PGC Leading Official: Dissolving YSP, Unthinkable [Archives:2000/39/Front Page]

September 25 2000

A leading official from the ruling Peoples General Congress (PGC) Party has dismissed the idea of taking a decision on dissolving the Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP), describing it as unthinkable despite the fact that the YSPS general congress had effected justifications for dissolving it as it had elected to its leadership the leaders of secession.
Member of parliament Sultan Al-Barakani , member of the PGC Permanent Committee, the chairman of the ruling party parliamentary bloc has stressed in a press statement that any measure for dissolving the party is unthinkable at present. He added that we are still of the opinion that members of the YSP have not had in their minds to antagonize all the Yemeni peoples segments when they had re-elected the symbols of secession to the partys leadership.
Mr Al-Barakani confirmed that return of former vice-president Ali Salem Al-Biedh, Hayder Al-Attas, premier of the first government of the unity state and others to membership of the Socialist central committee as a challenge to the will of the Yemeni people. He thought it would have been better for the party to issue a decision abandoning them, had it wanted to establish close relationship with the inside. But he said dissolving the YSP was inconceivable and we want it to be there and pray it would resort to reason and raise to the level of hopes.
Mr Barakani denied knowledge about the leaflet distributed last week, clarifying that a committee grouping politicians and jurists are studying the decisions issued by the YSP conference. He has made it clear that the committee would most likely recommend dissolution of the party because of its decision of re-electing the leaders of the secession.
On his part Mr Abdul Malik Al-Mikhlafi, secretary-general of the Nasserite Unionist Organization told Yemen Times that the call for dissolving a legitimate party would mean that there are some who think with a totalitarian mentality. Mr Al-Mikhlafi remarked that the leaflet distributed last week depicted a sort of political comedy practiced inside the country and should not be taken seriously.
Secretary-General of the YSP Ali Saleh Ubad described leaking such statements as a kind of media leaks from political kitchens of the authority, adding that they were merely expressing Yemeni decision-makers anger towards the big success the YSP had achieved in its 4th congress.