A phenomenon called “Amr Khaled” [Archives:2004/726/Last Page]

April 5 2004
Photo from archived article: photos/726/lastpage1_1
Photo from archived article: photos/726/lastpage1_1
A. Sallam Qasem
[email protected]

Amr Khaled has a started a new movement that none of the traditional Islamic and non-Islamic leaders ever thought of. The truth is that the current limiting factors are crumbling, and those who want to still join the wave of the future had better be prepared to do better than what they have done so far.
You could actually feel the vibes and the buzzing of over a hundred thousand Arabic youths visiting Amr Khaled's website (www.Amr Khaled.com). For those youths have been given what they have been denied for many years. They have been given a belief in their abilities to change and to act. For the first time we could notice how the true change came into existence, not by restricting thought and forcing direction, but by accepting accountability and believing in one's ability.
In a few weeks Amr Khaled was able to break the first limiting behavior of many of the Arabic youth: passivism. Yet, he is still determined to break all the rest and to bring a dream into reality. The dream is of knowledgeable and an aware Arabic youth working together for a much better future.
Thirsty to be active and to be empowered, Arabic youth flood the Amr Khaled's forums with over 4000 comments about the show and over 3000 posts about the weekly homework. Their initiatives covered a wide range of areas, from starting online magazines and newsletters to starting charity programs and free educational institutes.
The youth of Amr Khaled could be described as inspired and ambitious young people who believe that creating a positive change is much better than criticizing a negative reality. They are fed up with the traditional political and religious disputes, and are not willing to waste anymore time arguing.