A Quarter of a Million Teachers Threaten to  Strike Closing Down 4000 Schools [Archives:1998/06/Front Page]

February 9 1998

During the period 7-19 February, the teachers will wear red badges as a symbol of their grievance. During 21-23 February, there will be a go-slow strike. During 24-28 February, the teachers will be on strike, but on the job. Starting from march 1st, a quarter of a million threaten to go on full strike, thus closing down more than 4,000 public schools.
That is the phased action that the Syndicate of Teachers and Teaching Staff has distributed to its rank and file. “We hope a law proposal will be sent to parliament with our benefits  before the full strike goes on” reads a communique issued by the syndicate. The reason for the strike, the communique says, is that the authorities have not fulfilled agreements regarding benefits.