A referendum on the London Donors Conference [Archives:2007/1023/Community]

February 8 2007

Doa'a Al-Tuhamy
1. Is the outcome of the London Donors Conference going to support us or not?

2. Some say that some people in government beautify their speech. Instead of saying helping or begging, they say support or grants. Do you agree?

3. As a Yemeni, do you want your country of be one of the Gulf countries?

4. If this is done, maybe after generations, are we going to deal with this or will our ethnicity and outlook remain as it is?

5. Is money the merger angle that's going to take us from the shallows to the moon?

6. Some say that as people on the streets, they must be better, at least in their looks and behavior, but this won't happen unless there's a strong law. The people will break it as usual. There's one thing that can make them straight without hesitation: Just like China, they force anyone spitting in the public square to pay $20. At the same time, government should be merciful to its nation or if not merciful, just fair. They must price basic needs according to the people's income. Do you agree?