A security patrol in Al-Mukalla was subject to grenades Hadhramout governor describes the attack “a terrorist act”” [Archives:2008/1180/Local News]”

August 11 2008

Aqeel Al-Halali
For the Yemen Times

AL-MUKALLA, Aug. 8 ) A security patrol station in Hadramout governate's Al-Mukalla city was subjected to a grenade attack last Thursday by an anonymous group. The attack came after six days after an Al-Qaeda-claimed attack killed and injured people near the public security premises in Sayoun city.

While official statements said that a stun grenade exploded under Al-Mukalla bridge without any human damage, bystanders said that unknown men came on a vehicle and “threw a hand grenade into a security patrol station guarding the sea bridge in the city.””

Salim Al-Khanbashi