A Seminar to be organized by the CC and Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “Yemen and its Neighbors, from border conflicts to Agreement and Companionship” [Archives:2000/26/Front Page]

June 26 2000

In an unprecedented step considered to be the first of its kind after signing the treaty, and under the auspices of President Saleh, the Consultative Council (CC) jointly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be holding a comprehensive seminar entitled “Yemen and its Neighbors, from border conflicts to Agreement and Companionship.” In the context of the historic treaty, the seminar will be focusing on the immediate steps to strengthen and maintain an everlasting brotherly and cooperative relationship with its neighboring countries. The seminar will bring together several key figures who participated in the signing of the treaty, along with experts and specialists in the field of border and political dialogue issues.
Brigadier Yahya Mohamed Al-Mutawakkil, Chairman of the Political Committee and the Seminar Preparatory Committee emphasized the importance of the seminar by saying that it, “will open new dimensions and opportunities to discuss future cooperation and companionship possibilities between Yemen and Saudi Arabia.”