A session on veterinary quarantine [Archives:2004/746/Local News]

June 14 2004

Taiz Bureau
Wednesday, June 9th, Taiz- The Animal Wealth Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development organized an integration session on veterinary quarantine.
The three-day session, held under the slogan, “Organized importation is a precaution for animal wealth, public health and environment”, included 14 participants representing Taiz, Aden, Hodeidah, Hadramout, Hajjah, Marib, and Saddah governorates.
It aimed at introducing the participants to the methods and techniques related to veterinary quarantine and the isolation of epidemics that threaten humans and animals. In addition, projects in combating fatal contagious diseases and epidemics were also discussed.
The session also aimed at pointing out the importance of spreading veterinary quarantine practices at the various land and marine exist/entry points and airports to prevent the transmission of diseases and epidemics to other members of society.
Mr. Saleh Mothana, Undersecretary at the Ministry and Engineer Sulaiman Awagy, Director of the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development and Mr. Abdullah Al-Junaid, Director of Agriculture Office in Taiz, attended the opening session.