A Sheikh killed in Al-Baidha’a [Archives:2000/24/Local News]

June 12 2000

Sheikhs of Al-Baidha’a governorate sent a memorandum to President Ali Abdullah Saleh demanding the deposition of the governor of the governorate, Director of security and commander of the central security in connection with the death of Mohammed Saleh Abdul Qader, son of a sheikh, in front of Al-Thawrah Hospital last Wednesday. The victim was fired by security men of the governorate who tried to break into the victim’s house to seize his gun.
But according to security sources the victim was killed after a heated argument with the security men over a gun he was carrying.
A large number of Al-Baidha’a people are gathered in Al-Taffah district condemning the incident which they believe is a planned murder.
On the other hand, Sheikhs of the governorate met last Saturday in the Al-Amaliqah military camp with its military leaders who agreed to handing over the suspects to the authorities concerned. The Sheikhs threatened that they will avenge the death of their man if the members responsible for the event are not punished.