A Shiite Scholar Released [Archives:2000/24/Local News]

June 12 2000

The Shiite leader Sheik Ahmed Al-Najafi, an Iraqi citizen working as an instructor of the ‘Ithney Ashar’ Shiite belief was released on Saturday after Official Security Forces arrested him last week. Sheik Al-Najafi waited at the airport in order to receive his colleague Sheik Aladdin Musawi, another Iraqi promoting Shiite beliefs in Yemen. Security officials did not permit Aladdin to enter Yemen, as he was returning from a short visit to UAE. On arrival, he was taken into custody for 30 hours and sent back to UAE.
Sheik Aladdin is the supervisor of the Islamic ‘Kawthar’ institute, which was established in May 1999 in Sanaa with the permission of the Ministry of Information and Tourism. The institute houses of tens of students studying the ‘Ithney Ashar’ Shiite beliefs.
It is worth noting that Shiite groups have been complaining lately of mistreatment by security forces as some of their leaders were arrested and others evacuated.