A story of a prodigy [Archives:2005/830/Last Page]

April 4 2005

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
Recently a seven year old school kid named Moneer M.Moassa Al-Shabi visited the Yemen Times. He was accompanied by his father who was wearing a military uniform. The staff of the Newspaper was getting ready to leave, and no one knew the guests at the moment. .

Many ideas came to their minds as a result of his coming in his uniform to an independent newspaper. That was not normal for them because the newspaper is caring about the citizen in society and would not have caused unwanted intrusion of military personnel.

Silence prevailed, while every body would take a look upon the father and his child but Moneer overtook them by a quiet genius smile which wasted their fear and worry.

The father of the child told them that he is came here to introduce everyone to his smart boy who may be a miracle. Asking them to make an interview with him after making sure of his cleverness by testing him in different scopes such as mathematics and geography or other scientific fields.

He declared that Moneer can easily multiply a large mathematical operation with thousands numbers.

I went with them to the editing room because the subject was really appealing and before starting with them, Moneer picked up the newspaper and started to translate some words from it.

Moneer's father confirmed, “My boy is so clever and quiet, when he was three years old , he was known as an intelligent boy and since that time I tried to test his cleverness many times. One day, one of my friends stopped me while I was walking in the street with my son.

After the greetings, he gave me his mobile number and I did not have a pen at that time however I memorized the number and left.

“Once I was at home I tried to remember the number of but in vain.

“The surprise was that Moneer memorized the number and gave it to me, and since that time I believed that my son has a great talent and he will have a great future. So I have been trying my best to develop that talent and preserve it as a gift from Allah.”

“How did you hold to develop his knowledge?” I asked his father.

He replied “I let him listen to me and his brothers while I teach them, he memorizes the information from the first time and I teach him the Arabic and English alphabets and the names of Allah.

“Then I bought the Atlas for him. He alsomemorizes the names of the capitals of the Arab countries.

“He could speak English when he was four years old.”

“Did he attract the attention of others?” I asked.

“Yes, of course he did. You know that our traditions are not free from gatherings, especially in the Qat meetings where we exchange speech. I am used to taking my son with me to these meetings and the people get very surprised. They get interested in him as they find that he can answer their difficult questions, Some of them give him their phone numbers to ask him to retell them.”

“MBC channel hosted him, how was that prepared?” I asked.

“One day earlier, I watched the T.V. (Dwreed's World Program) on MBC channel which was presented every Thursday by the famous star and actor Mr. Dwreed Laham.

“This program was specialized in hosting the distinctive children and I wondered why that no child from Yemen was ever present.

“Then, I sent a film of my genius child in order for him to participate with them in the program.

“Moneer was selected to participate in the program after a conversation on the phone with him. however Moneer amazed them extremely by his information, so the channel decided to host him.”

The child answered difficult questions on geography and mathematics.

He declared that he can memorize so many things, and wished to be a space scientist to discover the unknown.

Moneer likes to watch T.V, scientific programs and kids programs too.

Moneer is known to many statesmen whom are wondering at his character but he would like to meet the president in the future.

Finally, I say, “It's a story of a child which really deserves attention”.