A strategy for the development of Mukalla city through improving investment climate [Archives:2004/702/Business & Economy]

January 12 2004

A working team for working out a development strategy for the city of Mukalla has made new arrangements for gathering data and information special for the local economic and social development depending on competitive characteristics of al-Mukalla port.
That came in a meeting by the team headed by Mr Abdulqder Hillal the governor of Hadrmout that discussed the preparation of a local medium and long-term investment plan aimed at improving and developing the city and port of al-Mukalla.
The strategy aims at improving the investment climate and exploitation of natural and developmental riches, activation of good local administration dependent on administrative transparency and engagement of the private sector and civil society in benefiting from this strategy.
The plan also hopes to improve the citizens' living conditions and expansion in new investment fields through providing job opportunities for the unemployed by reconsidering and reviewing structural plans of the city and preparing programs for updating those plans.
This orientation comes in context of the Yemeni government efforts to develop the vital port cities including the ports of Hudeida, Aden and Mukalla that are receiving support of international donor parties forth purpose of building integrated infrastructure capable of helping investors to administer the projects licensed for them.
The government has allotted large sums of money not less than $ 10 million from external grants for developing the three port cities. At the head of the official interest comes the drawing up of modern plans for the building of intensive employment projects absorbing part of unemployment and be sources of attraction of investors.
Work is currently underway for the development of a new port on the Red sea in the tourist area of Khoukha known for date palm trees plantation and fish grouping in its beaches that are situated within the governorate of Hudeida.
Government sources confirm that Yemen's heading towards investment of the ports as a national wealth activating the investment process that is witnessing slowness and recovering the economic and social situations in the country.