A Sudanese National To Taken American Consular Section To Court [Archives:2000/38/Local News]

September 18 2000

Mr. Mahmood Osman Aadam, a Sudanese national in Yemen, in a written complaint to the Yemen Times stated that he was one of those selected in the DV-99 programme. After completing all formalities he was asked to see the American Embassy on August 21 last year. He went to the Embassy carrying all his papers (His university certificate, health certificate, his and his wifes birth certificates, certified police report on conduct, service certificate and his passport). Then he paid US$670 against receipt No.99008114. After the interview, the Consular Section asked him to provide a financial guarantor before Sep.30.
Mr. Aadam added that on Sep.9 he submitted the guarantors papers to Mr. Saeed, an employee at the Consular Section who gave him a Card bearing No.5124. After a long waiting, Aadam was allowed into the Consular Section where the same employee, through the window, passed to him an official paper without any visa.
Then I asked him about the original copies of my certificates; but Saeed asked me to come sometime else. Aadam said. Saeed asked me not to discuss anything with him and closed the window, he said. Aaadams papers were put in a file bearing No.16009.
The Sudanese national claims that whenever he visited Saeed, the later would give contradicting statements about his file.
I request that my problem is solved. I want my file back. I want a refund of my money, Aadam said, adding, or else I will file a civil suit against the Consular Section.
Speech of the Arab Consumer Union was delivered by Dr. Mohammed Obaidat, union chairman, who said This assembly is a positive signal of the development of the Arab Consumer Union. It also shows activation of the union activities. The union objective is to create awareness among the Arab consumers which will be reflected in terms of improving and developing the specifications and standards of the Arab products. By this we will ensure food, medicine and health safety for Arab consumers and protect them from price increases, monopoly and from negative consequences of negative marketing of products that are bad.
He also indicated that in the second meeting , there would be some seminars on trade cheating and counterfeiting and their negative impact on consumers, investment, economy, etc. asserting the participants sense of responsibility of the regional and international changes that are taking place and the obstacles that are coming as a result.
Mr. Abdulrahman al-Akwaa, Information Minister, made the speech of the Yemeni Society for Protecting the Consumer, asserting that holding the meeting in Sanaa constituted a strong push for the Yemeni society and is a sure signal of the developed awareness among the participating countries of the dangers that the Arab consumer is prone to. He said that the Arab consumer had become the objective of the exporting companies whose products flood our markets with no regulations or constrains. He pointed out Products available in our markets do not have the same standards and specifications of those available in other markets. It is our simple and primary right to have good food and medicine and it is our duty as people in charge to stop whoever dares cheat or play with the lives of people.