A symposium on ensuring,Transfer of technology and supporting inventions [Archives:2004/756/Business & Economy]

July 19 2004

The national symposium on the Intellectual Property had called for taking care of building and supporting centers for scientific researches and developing them for backing up national inventions and transfer of technology with the aim of ensuring an administration characterized by efficiency for electronic trade.
The symposium confirmed at the end of its meetings in Sana'a on the necessity of paying attention and rendering care to the system of intellectual property and to work out legal formulas for the information revolutions guaranteeing the facing of challenges that the communications technology imposes as well as setting up a national strategy taking care of individual property.
The participants in the symposium organized by the ministries of industry and trade and the culture and tourism, recommended the development and modernization of the institutional infrastructure of the concerned administrations in the two ministries in order to keeping in line with technological, administrative and legislative evolvements in this field. The symposium also urged the participation of the private sector for investment in research to help in development of the national economy and the commercial, industrial and services areas, in addition to creation of an honest competition raising the standard of investment and supporting creative and innovative capabilities in various fields.
The symposium had reviewed a number of working papers tackled the reality of industrial property, the trade marks and Madrid protocols concerning international registration of trade marks.
Meetings of the symposium also were focused on discussing the new world issues in the area of intellectual property and right of the author in addition to TRIPS (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) agreement, public health, geographic and folklore indicators and traditional branches of knowledge.
Director-General of Intellectual Property Protection at the ministry of industry Fadhle Muqbil had explained in two working papers that reality of Industrial Property and trade marks needed from the officials to develop existing legislations pertaining to the Intellectual Property.
He had also presented activity of his department in the area of Intellectual Property and legislations on its protection in the manner serving industrial property with its main branches concerning patents on invention, trade marks and industrial drawings and samples.
The Yemeni market is suffering from the presence of goods with imitated trade marks and that has urged the ministry of industry and trade to intensify measures of monitoring those goods and prosecuting those who violate the rules.