A Towering Yemeni Figure [Archives:2000/30/Last Page]

July 24 2000

“The Yemen of today has got rid of the Imam’s rule in the North and the colonization in the South. Then, the revolution and unity took place. The country could make laudable strides in the developing process including education, communication, health and improving the living condition of the people. Yemen has also improved its relations with the outside world. However, it is still a long way ahead to establish the modern country which is based on institutions and the rule of law and order, a country that is based upon security Workshop and stability and respect for human rights. It is still a long way ahead to get rid of the dominance of the tribe, weapons, Qat, and the piles of rubbish that have accumulated in towns and countryside.”, said one of the greatest Yemeni writers, Mr. Mohsen Al-Aini, in his first book titled “Battles and Conspiracies against Yemen”.
However, in his new book titled “50 Years in Quick Sand, My Story with the Establishment of the Modern Country” consisting of nine chapters with 267 of the middle size pages, he explained how the national struggle was started, the story of the 26 September revolution, Khamer Conference, November 5 uprising, national reconciliation, international relations, relations with the Southern part of Yemen, June 13 Movement and the art of diplomacy. The book is considered to be a treasure for the Yemeni as well as Arab library.
The book deals with the rich political and diplomatic experiences of Mr. Muhsen Al-Aini through 50 years during which he had assumed different national posts including in the prime minister and foreign minister. He was also Yemen’s Ambassador to USA.