A training session for the poorest segment of society [Archives:2004/748/Local News]

June 21 2004

Taiz Bureau
The French DIA Organization will organizes during the period 19-21 of June, a training session for 20 trainees in the field of psychological health. The trainees will receive theoretical lectures on the health and psychological aspects focusing on the importance of the intimate relation between parents and children and its mental influence on children. The lectures will touch upon problems related to the aggressive and socially unacceptable behavior of some children.
The training session will also include lectures on the abnormal aspects of some children such as biting nails, sucking fingers, uncontrolled urinating, convulsive movements, learning difficulties and sleep walking.
Ms. Hana Al-Mahdi, a Social Worker at the Organization explained that the session aims to acquaint mothers and fathers with these problems and aspects, which could affect their health permanently if they are not treated promptly. Furthermore, the session aims to increase the awareness of some parents of how to handle and to treat these problems safely, properly and quickly and move towards better mental and health conditions for children.