A Transitional Government & A Tough Challenge [Archives:2001/14/Viewpoint]

April 2 2001

The new Prime Minister, Abdulqadir Ba Jammal is currently facing an extremely challenging task. The whole nation is now anxiously awaiting his actions. The economic deterioration and worsening pace of development during the last 4 years has caused a lot of frustration and despair among the public. Obviously, the Yemeni people started to lose hope and trust with the 4-year-old government and expressed their feelings openly on many occasions. The president’s promise to carry out a cabinet reshuffle is yet another indication that he himself was not satisfied with the earlier government.
In any case, Ba Jammal is now facing a very tough challenge which he agreed to undertake. The challenge starts with the selection of the ministers for the new cabinet. Will they be known for their honesty, proficiency, and qualifications? Will these ministers be the “new-blood” which the president indicated in an interview two weeks ago?
The selection of the ministers is the first and most difficult task to start with. Then, the new Prime Minister will have to unleash serious steps in proving his sincere desire for change. He is expected to stand against all the crooks and corrupt figures that have been eating away the country’s resources unscrupulously during the previous years. His commitment towards change will be evident in his actions following the appointment of the new cabinet. Law enforcement is another issue that Ba Jammal is asked to deal with firmly. It will indeed be a tough time for him in his new post, yet 2 years is also not a short time. It is more than enough to deal with the problems of this troubled country. The issues of security, education, lawlessness, arms, poverty, unemployment, water, electricity, public services, tourism, are just a few of the concerns facing the country.
On the other hand, Ba Jammal’s track record as an academic and active civilian is also promising. Perhaps he could be the man who could save the country from further deterioration and redeem the suffering of the people and the national economy. He should be thanked for taking up the challenge of salvaging the country from its current crisis.
May God be with him in his challenge of making Yemen a better place, amen!