A tribute to H.E. President Ali Abdullah Saleh in the Jubilee Year of his presidencyA Visionary [Archives:2003/686/Education]

November 17 2003

Dr..M.N.K.Bose ([email protected])
Associate Professor of English,
Faculty of Arts, Ibb.

Twenty-five years is no small time
To stay above all is no small matter.

Nineteen forty-two saw
A sun being born
To brighten up this backward land.

Nineteen seventy-eight saw
A guiding star to ascend to the presidency
To uplift this nation that was in fragments
Not in soil, but in spirit.

Relentless pursuit of peace and friendship
Dauntless bravery to face tribulations
Tireless efforts to bring the people together
Effortless ease to turn the neighbours into friends
Endless vision to lead Yemen to prosperity.

Small in stature but great in achievement
You have stood the trials of time.
A visionary of the twenty-first century
You have done the Yemenis proud.