A tribute to liberal France on its Revolution DayThey dedicate their days to us [Archives:2005/860/Last Page]

July 18 2005

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
France celebrated its independence day which falls on July 15. The France Embassy to Yemen celebrated the great occasion in a special manner. The celebration in Yemen was distinctive to a large extent. It was marvelous and impressive, denoting great human values of liberal France who is still standing on the ground of its historical principles: liberty, fraternity, and equality.

The surprise is that the French mission celebrated their occasion by arranging an award ceremony for a Yemeni woman figure who has been able to make great changes in the life of Yemeni women amidst difficult circumstances. The awardee was Amat al-Alim al-Soswa, Minister of Human Rights, who received the 'Legion d'Honneur' medal, the highest honor in France to be given by the French president Jacques Chirac.

Consider deeply how the French respect their principles and encourage other people to seek them.

Last Thursday's evening, French Ambassador's residence garden was crowded with a large congregation of diplomats, politicians, pressmen, governmental officials and NGO representatives. Sana'a nice summer weather was further softened by drizzles of rain. It was dark but the garden was extraordinarily picturesque but the more fascinating were the warm words delivered at the celebration. The French Ambassador's speech spread love and beauty with expressive more words.

Do you believe that he did not mention France's merits nor did he numerate its giant achievements over the past period in a variety of fields? I think you know how much our rulers boast about the achievements of their revolutions, the majority of which are a failure especially in the Arab area.

“France has decided to honor Yemeni Minister Amat al-Ali al-Soswa,” thus did Mr. Alain Moureau, French Ambassador, commence his speech. “The awarding is in recognition of her unrelenting struggle to create a successful model of a woman.”

He added that the French government appreciates al-Soswa's efforts to push women forward and help them continue their education.

“She could carve a niche for the Yemeni woman through difficult circumstances in a country and area characterized by ignorance of women's rights. She is awarded because she decided to defend rights and liberties and other valuable human concepts being held nowadays in respect by France and all mankind,” the speech went on.

He thanked the Yemeni government for granting rights to women, something of which other women are deprived in other countries of the region.

The Ambassador welcomed all the attendants but specially welcomed the Minister's mother, an old woman who came with other family members to take part in the celebration of her daughter.

The Ambassador was proud of women present in Yemen such as al-Soswa. He described Yemen's hard conditions and how many women could make human and scientific achievements against all odds.

Here, we should pause and consider “how they celebrated their Revolution Day.” They truly celebrated their Day by bestowing happiness on us. Contemplate how they decide not to display their greatness and sophistication. Think of their modesty and how they turned their celebration into our celebration. They deserve our respect.

Amat al-Alim: a woman who challenged the impossible

The story of Amat al-Alim and her history need to be meditated and respected. Here, we are trying to highlight certain facts of her life. Amat al-Alim lost her father when she in her primary school. However, her mother stood by her side and took care of her. She was appointed as an announcer at the Yemeni TV and different positions at the Ministry of Information. She could assert herself locally and internationally through her scientific successes. She could realize her dream while Yemen was going through difficult circumstances, at a time when young males could not find education opportunities, let alone girls.

However, her indomitable resolute was the channel through which she accomplished her consecutive achievements.

She graduated from her secondary school to be employed at a local radio station as an editor of woman and child awareness programs. Then she travelled to Egypt and the US, and received high certificates in media. She speaks many languages: Arabic, English, French and Russian, to contribute to promoting international dialogue.

She does her duty well and this is why she is successful. All people admit this and this is why she has received many awards and merits in the recent years from different countries all over the world. She is an intellectual, having self-confidence and deserving respect and admiration.