A true story resembling insistence and determination [Archives:2003/675/Culture]

October 9 2003

Abeer Ali, a 12 years old girl, was brought to our hospital by her father in May 2000. She was on the verge of death when her father brought her to the Skin and Venereal Hospital carried on a stretcher. She was as stiff as a dead body. Her knee joints and feet were too fixed to move.
Asking her father about her condition and how she reached this late stage of sickness, “What happened to her?” we yelled. He said that he didn't know anything except that she has been sick for a long time, and he strived a lot to get her recovered but to no avail. Then after her conditions continued to deteriorate, he decided to bring her to hospital.
Accordnig to her fther, the poor girl had been complaining for some time of general weakness, dyspnea, cough, lost of appetites and insomnia. Her condition became worse and worse day after day though she took the medicine prescribed to her regularly.
All that occupied our mind that time was how to save Abeer's life by stopping dehydration. We were racing with time lest her heart's throbs stop. Then we made all needed tests like: sputum for AFB, general blood tests. The test results were a surprise ) Anaemia and sputum were both positive.
Immediately after getting the results, we set up a plan for her. The plan included the following;
1. Direct observation treatment – short course.
2. Supporting treatment
3. Rehydration treatment
4. Good feeding including vitamins, proteins, salts and fluids.
Just as some thought she couldn't make it, we insisted on continuing the therapy process. We never lost hope. And one day, our surprise and happiness were indescribable when she started recovering slowly and started glowing like a rose in a field during dawn. Day after day she started talking and walking. Our happiness was immeasurable when she started moving and thinking about going home. We were looking at her proudly. This small girl was saved from death by the grace of God, nursing service and doctor team, who stood behind her and encourage her to get treatment.
This incident was a miracle that our hospital can be proud. We were able to overcome a very big challenge. Our team won by giving rebirth to the child.
After a decade, the one time little girl came back to us as a grown-up lady with an invitation card. She invited us to her wedding. “Sure, we would love to come” we said in a moment of overwhelming emotions of happiness and pride. We wished her a “long life”, and we meant it. It was truly a precious moment and our happiness had no boundaries at the time.
Late. Dr.Ahmad Shamson National Leprosy Eliminnation Programme.