A.U.C. Awards Sheikh Abdulrehman Hayel Saeed [Archives:2004/782/Local News]

October 18 2004

Among a group of Academics, and economists, such as the General Secretary to the Arab League, Mr. Amro Musa, and the previous Secretary General to the Arab League, Dr. Esmat Abdulmajeed, in a magnificent party, the American University in Cairo presented a “Distinguished Alumni Award” to Shiekh Abdulrehman Hayel Saeed. Shiekh Abdulrehman Hayel Saeed is a member of the Board of Directors of al-Saeed Establishment for Science and Culture, a member of the Secretaries panel of the late Haj Hayel Saeed Ana'am Rewards for Sciences and Arts, a member of the Board of Directors of the companies of Hayel Saeed Ana'am & Company, and an economic and social personality well-known for its grants.
It is worth mentioning that Shiekh Abdulrehman Hayel Saeed Ana'am is a graduate of the Faculty of Economy & Politics, American University in Cairo, in the Year 1968. It is the University which has participated in graduating a group of most the prominent intellectuals, economists and Scientists, at the regional and international level, since its establishment in 1918.
It is worth mentioning too that the American University in Cairo doesn't award such high level rewards unless it is according to the firm traditions and in conformance with the objective standards it is proud of. Such awards are only offered to distinguished personalities who graduated from the university and who are distinguished by their contributions to economics, developmental or charitable lines of work, or in scientific and cultural activity, or general knowledge.