A verse of affectionThe dreams of Eid [Archives:2004/792/Community]

November 22 2004

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
Oh prosperous Eid, full of pleasure… we are anxiously waiting for you.
We are eager for visualizing your magnificence and brightness.
Eid is coming as waves of sand under which lovers can be blanked.
Oh Eid
I offer my complaints to you and I am sure you will answer me.
The beatings of my heart are running fast.
Oh Eid
Since we are of the hope our desires can be fulfilled, we have in our hearts the beatings of love and pleasure.
We expect to spray the drops of perfume of love through our hearts… other kinds of perfume drops are to be sprayed in our faces.
Oh Eid!
Do you sympathize with us? If so the beginning of happiness springs falls among the scattered parts of our Arab nations who are tasting not more than defeats. We gift you the nobility of Khalid and the greatness of Mosa Bin Nussair… the victory of Salahaddine.
Oh Eid
Will you be the canary that holds in its peak the merry song to please children,… the taste of tranquility among adults,… just as we meet you.. and peace for the cosmos. Will you be the plant of hope inside the deprived hearts, ..tone of optimism for the desperate,.. the eager for meeting between those who are separated for a long.
Oh Eid
The dreams I need not them die since we do not want to replace them by despair. Your advent is hope, merry and happiness. Our trust in you is great even if you can not draw our dreams on the landscapes of nature.