A Word on the 10th Anniversary of Yemen Times [Archives:2001/15/Focus]

April 9 2001

Nabil Mustafa Mahdi
GM of the Information Center
Aden University
The 10th anniversary celebration of Yemen Times that took place in last February was no doubt an occasion for joy and happiness for the newspaper’s staff and guests.
Despite the great success of the newspaper during the last 10 years, the celebration was also a time for remembering the tremendously harsh and difficult journey throughout the years. It was a time to recall the nights that the staff went without sleep, and the days when so many challenges rose in front of them. Thankfully, the difficult times have passed, and the reward for the hardwork times was huge and more than satisfactory, as the newspaper’s staff kept to their promise of moving along the path of the founder, may God bless his soul, and continuing his noble mission.
The trust and confidence of the founder in the newspaper will continue. Indeed, its mission continued due to the full cooperation and united stand of the staff of the newspaper. The employees of the Yemen Times proved to themselves and to the world that they are one block that is extremely difficult to break and penetrate. Now there is no doubt that the newspaper is built on a strong foundation that guarantees its continued progress and development.
The newspaper deserves the reputation and publicity it has today because it maintained very important standards that continue to put it ahead of other newspapers:
1-It has a confined and stable identity
2-The newspaper’s character, which is known to be balanced, serious, independent, and honest. A reader can know that it is Yemen Times with just reading its contents.
3-Its professional features include having the best of design, in selecting photos that represent true professionalism, and its diverse columns.
4-Its contents which has the most up-to-date reports and its selection of the different topics according to their significance for the community. It is also unique for its diversity and respect to copyrights of others.
5-Its simple style and reasonably good language makes it readable by many Yemenis who benefit from it in many ways including learning about the latest news and improving their English language. Its ability to provide much information with numbers and precise details is also a great advantage.
6-Its respect for the general objective of journalism in providing the facts without ignoring the religious and national values.
Along with all that, I must add a final word. Yemen Times is a distinguished proof of true journalism in its content, style, design, and objective. It tries to bring what is new and in many ways. It also participates in building and developing the culture of the society in political, economic, social, and national aspects through its reports and efforts that reflect the love for all that is new and positive.
The fact that many of its employees are relatives makes it a friendly environment. But when it comes to work, being a relative makes no difference, it is only work that counts. The wisdom of the Editor-in-Chief is evident by the newspaper’s continuous progress and added services to its readers, adding to the confidence of the public in this giant enterprise.
I congratulate the newspaper along with the staff on this occasion, wishing them all the best of success and progress.