A workshop on Ozone in Taiz [Archives:2004/730/Community]

April 19 2004

The Public Authority for the Protection of the Environment, Ozone Unit, on Monday 5 April, in cooperation with Taiz Chamber of Commerce and Industry, organized the Fifth Workshop on Ozone, under the auspices of Governor of Taiz, Judge Ahmed Abdullah Al-Hajry. It focused on arbitration enactment in trading and importing ozone depleting substances.
The participants discussed the ozone layer, environmental concerns and the pollution of the atmosphere. They also discussed plastic factories and paint and chemical factories and the threats they pose to our environment and to the ozone layer. They also discussed how to implement effective laws on the purchase of raw materials used in various industries and the handling mechanism to dispose of ozone depleting substances.
The Administrator of the Workshop, Mr. Faisel Ahmed Nasser, in a statement to Yemen Times explained that the workshop was to formulate legislation for Yemen regarding controlling the importation of ozone depleting materials, since Yemen has acceded to the Montreal Protocol and is obliged to execute obligations including the disposal of such materials. This could only be achieved through the enactment of legislation determining how to control these materials, as suggested by the Unit's legal advisor in the draft project, the subject of this workshop. He added that since the draft is a combination of legislation from other countries, lacking the distinctive nature of Yemen, the Ozone Unit and United Nations thought it better to discuss the draft project with merchants in Taiz, considering the large number of businessmen in the city. Similar discussions are to take place in Hodeidah, Al-Mukalla, Aden and Sana'a, focusing on the development of legislation that can be practically implemented.