A world for women [Archives:2006/942/Community]

May 1 2006

Technology has made tremendous progress and impact in the world of communications. People living in the era of modernization have benefited from the many inventions that helped improve their lives. Taking this into account then, it is important for women to learn about technology. The question then becomes how can they be encouraged to be involved? Women as human beings have the same mental abilities as men even though around the world, men consider women as second class citizens. In Yemen a man doesn't believe in a woman's abilities to learn or get involved in governmental issues except for her role in the home. (Which is an interesting point, considering homes are run like mini governments with your leaders and your constituents, with your treasury and banking system, shopping-procurement systems and your operations system that includes healthcare, waste management, daycare, education and other familial institutions)

In western countries, a man uses her as a model for selling his goods and services; or uses her body as a tool to attract customers be these customers male or female. Yet in both cases men believe it is necessary to hide the enormous abilities that exist within women.

Religiously, women have the same exact rights and obligations to learn and in their responsibilities to Allah they share equally with men and will be held accountable in equal manner as men will.

Traditionally, it is important to note, people have believed that behind each great man there is a great woman. Great poems in Arabic literature speak of the importance of teaching women knowledge on a variety of subjects for those who seek their development and well being.

Because women are part of this world and half of the society, she has the right to get involved in its technology. She has about seven roles in her family that she has to know and juggle well; as mother, wife, sister, aunt, grandma, daughter, and so on. That means if she had learned about modern inventions and its technology, she would be able to manage her life and effectively prove herself in a man's mind.

According to recent research in Yemen, 95% of women don't waste their time chewing Qat or smoking. They are healthier and time that enables them to keep on learning more than men. Women have stronger ambitions so they are willing to learn about technology not only for themselves, but for their family, and their society, instead of wasting their time in chewing Qat or smoking.

Technological breakthroughs have made changes in the physical world. What was once the limited domain of men has now opened up for women so they can participate in jobs previously considered too difficult encouraging women to get involved.

The governments and other institutions have to come up to speed with regards to a woman's involvement in the technological world. There are countries that are coming “of age”; sending women on missions to different countries or who donate scholarships within their country for female participation. This is important because it is the educational component in our society that produces doctors, teachers and scholars who will continue to effectively explain and improve a woman's role and her abilities as a productive member of society including the family. This productive role is what also ensures economic and social growth of our country.

A woman considers her search for learning and its implementation as worship to Allah which has the same value as giving birth to babies.

Ensijam is a graduate from Sana'a University.