A Yemen Times series on great Islam figures:Mohammed, the Prophet [Archives:2003/687/Community]

November 20 2003

By Sulaiman M.
For the Yemen Times

Muslims all over the world are glorifying God and asking him in supplication in the Month of the Holy Qura'an, the Month of Ramadhan.
The Holy Book, (Holy Qura'an) which was descended from heaven to Mohammed, Peace Be Upon Him, (PBUH) has come as a guidance to true Muslims asking for His forgiveness and repentance.
No writer or researcher and in any language could write or imitate verses of Holy Book that is descended to Mohamed, PBUH.
Mohammed, the prophet was sent to the people in the world as a guide in order to show them the true message from God; even if it is disagreed by polytheists.
The prophet Mohammed Bin Abdellah, PBUH, was a miracle in which nations were in need of him.
Before he was entrusted to give God's message, he was illiterate, but God made him well-spoken and eloquent, and therefore he was bestowed with celestial power to make people amiable and could gather together even those who opposed him.
People representing different nationalities in the world also believed in his message including Arabs, Persians, and Romans. Those people used to be humiliated by oppressors when calling for the new Islamic religion.
People followed him in crowds and thus the Kingdom of Heaven opened for him, and was bestowed the message of God, where no one in this universe has been given like him.
He told us about the formation of the heavens, the Earth, planets, stars, seas, jinn which appear in human or animal forms and influencing humankind for good or evil.
He also told us about the secrets of the soul, as it has been mentioned in the Holy Book as a confirmation to resurrection, doomsday, the talk of birds, ants and insects.
He founded the scale of justice on Earth and could make the Islamic nation equal before God in every time and place.
He will remain in our memories until the end of the world, the Last Judgment.
The prophet's biography is a guidance to true believers which has created the most intelligent geniuses who could leave behind them great changes, whether in world's history, or the present life, with their good behavior, and also could link the human's behavior to teachings of Islamic belief.
The world will not return to the Persian Empire, which killed the religion with their arguments. We will not also return to the reign of Magus or pagans or polytheists.
Minarets glorify God five times a day and mosques swarm with prayers and believers day and night.
Day and night are conglomerated in all languages and tongues, glorifying God according to the Islamic learning and teachings.
In the Holy Month of Ramadan, we raise our hands to God in supplication to resurrect us during Judgment Day.
At the end, We raise our hands in supplication to ask for His forgiveness along with Muslims. He is our intercessor in the doomsday.
Many happy returns!