A Yemen Times series on great Islamic figuresAbu Bakr: A man for all seasons [Archives:2003/689/Community]

November 27 2003

By Sulaiman M. al-Haboob
For the Yemen Times

Abu Bakr, may God be pleased with him, was a contemporary during the pre-Islamic epoch.
He was among the first to believe in Mohammedيs message and of the new Islamic religion during the emergence of Islam.
He took part in the story of Zamzam digging well, his journey to Bilad al-Sham, (now called, Palestine, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon), and is also known for getting married to Khadeejah Bint Khowailed.
He dedicated himself to buying slaves, and as a result of this, thousands of slaves were converted to Islam.
His daughter was recruited by him to carry food to Hera cave outside Mecca.
He was the first man also to pray inside his house, in order to be cautious of evil acts performed by disbelievers.
By Godيs will, he could learn the basics of the new Islamic religion and manners of good treatment. He was gifted with the good of the present life and the reward of the Last Judgment.
He accompanied the prophet Mohammed, PBUH, to Medina, the first city where he was accepted as the Prophet and where his tomb is located.
The Holy Quraيan as well as the Sunna has immortalized his heroic deeds, may God be pleased with him.
He was nominated as the first caliph after the prophetيs death Mohammed.
He played a pioneering role in solidifying the foundations of Islam after the death of the prophet including securing Zakah.
He fought apostates and sent Islamic armies for conquering.
He also prepared armies for Osama Ibn Zaid and then to Khaled Ibn al-Waleed to defeat the apostates and then headed towards Iraq and Bilad al-Sham, (now called Syria, Palestine and Iraq)
He paid keen attention to collect Quraيanيs verses in consultation with Omar Ibn al-Khattab, the second caliph after Abu Bakr, may god be pleased with them.
Abdullah Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with him said: ىAbu Bakr, may God have mercy upon him, was for the Quraيan a reciter, for declination an evader, for atrocity a forgetter, for abominable action, a prohibitor, for his religion a conversant, for God afraid, for night a worshipper, for day a faster, for his life a pacifist, for justice determined, for favor an admirer and doer, for strength thankful, for going and coming back a glorifier. He was pious, ascetic, and pure.)
Military Islamic armies and detachments were sent by Abu Bakr for one of the strongest military powers in the world at that time, Persia and Rome.
It is undoubtedly, the trust and confidence in God, religion, and the Prophetيs message that is behind the rise for celestial teachings in the darkness of the Earth.
This manifests itself through justice and forgiveness of Islam and its tolerant teachings.
He built an Islamic democratic state without resources or potentials.
We are in dire need of his rule these days! May God have mercy upon him