A Yemeni Citizen Murdered in the USA [Archives:2000/17/Local News]

April 24 2000

Shaker Alashwal (New York)ÑA Yemeni citizen, working in Brooklyn, was fatally shot on Friday. Saleh Abdullah Al-yafai, 37, was shot in the chest and back just after midnight inside the Flatbush Avenue in the Wingate section, the authorities said. His killer had been harassing the workers in the store for months, and was rebuffed when he demanded that he be allowed to sell drugs in the store. About an hour later after the argument on Friday he returned to the store and fatally shot Saleh Abdullah, the cousin of the owner. Saleh had been working in construction after having worked in another Yemeni store on Church Avenue for five years. He had stopped working in the store to avoid handling beer, and pork. On Friday he went to the store to help his cousin only to be gunned down by a drug dealer.