A Yemeni student unveils new secrets in qat [Archives:2004/745/Local News]

June 10 2004

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
Sana'a University, Faculty of Arts held two weeks ago a scientific lecture series entitled, “Psychological, social and health risks from chewing Qat”.
And another series was also held under the title, “Secrets of Qat”, delivered by the young inventor Mohamed Al-Kmarani. He claims that he has found two startling discoveries regarding the qat plant during his research at the Faculty of Medical Diagnostics in Baghdad, that have enabled him to obtain a patent on an invention by Dooris' Kamamrany's Media.
The two discoveries are: 1) Preparing natural habitats for growing of bacteria, 2) Extracting alkalinity from qat, an effective substance that affects the central nerve system, and using it against some bacteria that attacks the skin.