A young girl is caught between a family break-up and early marriage [Archives:2008/1172/Local News]

July 14 2008

Almigdad Mojalli and Wojoud Mejalli
SANA'A, June 12 )A 12-year-old girl accused her father of kidnapping her and forcing her to marry her 31-year-old cousin in court yesterday in an ongoing court case that combines both a custody struggle and an early marriage.

The accusation follows the girl's request for a divorce, which Sana'a judge Mohammed Al-Qadhi denied granting her last Monday.

Reem Anees Al-Numairi, 12, told the court that her father had kidnapped her and forced to marry her cousin Hafith-Allah Al-Numairi in the same day.

Reem's parents divorced approximately two months ago, and she had been living with her mother up until the time of her alleged kidnapping.

“My little brother called me to come down the stairs of the building I live in and I saw my dad there