Abdulrahim Mohsen Seeks Asylum [Archives:1999/37/Local News]

September 13 1999

For the second successive month, the writer and journalistic analyst, Mr. Abdul-Rahim Mohsen, the ex-Director of Foreign Information, at the Republican Presidency Office, is still suspended from work and prohibited from entering the Presidency Office, at which he has been working since 1990. He was also deprived of his salaries that have been terminated without any legal justification.
Mr. Abdul-Rahim has submitted a memorandum, a copy of which was received by Yemen Times. In the memorandum, he listed the unfair practices that have been conducted against him, including suspending him from the job in October 1997, in reaction to the journalist articles and essays combating corruption he had published. He said that he has also been accused of being with the Eritrean President. He added that the Ministry of Information, has carried out an insult campaign against him, due to a series of essays he published in the Opposition’s newspapers. He added that the President’s Office officials caused him ” direct human and material damage”, depriving his children from their only and sole source of livelihood. Also, violating the Constitution and the Civil Service Law, as well as the International Agreements and Conventions pertinent to human rights. He then called for solidarity.