Abeeda Tribes Upset by Government Attacks [Archives:2001/01/Focus]

December 31 2001

Hussein Ali Bin Saad
The Tuesday of December 18, 2001 saw the brutal offensive by government forces on Abeeda tribes in Al-Hasoon village in Mareb under the justification of the presence of terrorists connected with al-Qaeda network. This action sparked by irresponsible government officials and which resulted in the killing of innocent families forced the Abeeda tribesmen to return fire in self-defense resulting in a number of deaths among the government troops .
Following this unpleasant incident the Abeeda tribes condemned this act of violence and confirmed that Mareb did not harbor terrorists of any organization because if they were here, we would be the first victims. We were surprised to see that the government which is responsible for protecting the citizens turns around to kill them just to create a scenario aimed at pleasing foreign pressures.
I hereby advise the government to be more logical and careful in succumbing to such international pressures whereby the outcome may end up very costly. Instead of making hasty decisions to use force, the government should exercise extreme patience and solve internal problems diplomatically. I am confident that the government knows very well how to deal with its own people. This kind of negative and senseless approach in solving issues of national importance came unexpectedly.
The Mareb tribes have for many years been suffering form poverty due to lack of government support for improving peoples standard of living by providing them with the basic needs despite the relentless follow-ups by the Mareb Abeeda tribes.
We love our president and we would like the president to love his own people, too. I repeat again that Mareb Abeeda tribes do not harbor any terrorist organization. At the same time the greedy politicians should refrain form using Mareb tribes as scapegoat for their own interests. Such politicians should instead unravel the mystery of the budget and aid for Mareb for all these years. What happened to it and where did it go? Is this attack aimed at diverting the Abeeda tribes attentions? The government should explain to the people and the media the disappearance of all financial support for this province, especially that was promised to Abeeda tribes.