Abolish Sana’a University rector’s resolution: HEC [Archives:2005/820/Local News]

February 28 2005

A parliamentary report confirmed the illegitimacy of the resolutions of Sana'a University's rector No. 345, 346, and 347 concerning the appointment of some 50 demonstrators, and 12 assistant doctors in Sana'a University.

The report, issued by the Higher Education and Youth and Sports Committee, asked for the abolishment of the resolutions as well as resolution No. 343 concerning the arbitrary moving of Ali Shawqi from the Mahweet Education Faculty to Abs Education Faculty.

“The resolutions contradict the provisions of the constitution namely articles 24, 25, and 41 and the Public Universities Act No 8 for the year 1995. Resolution No. 343 also goes against the Yemeni Universities Act and the Regulations of the Academic Council No. 865 for the year 2002 amended by the University Rector's resolution No. 43 for the year 2003,” said the report.

The report stated that the rector's issuance of the said resolutions contradict Act No. 33 for the year 2000 and that he overstepped the university council in the appointments.

They also reported the Rector's refusal to hand over the files of the appointed personnel to be examined by the committee.

The report called for accountability. It also revealed that the university grants privileges to the staff's offspring in a gross violation of the constitution, law and the goals of the Yemeni revolution.

The report mentioned that the restrictions on the part of the university committee for reception of contestant's files is an indication that the committee has no credibility, and that the university giving out monthly salaries to some of the appointees, whom the court invalidated as legal appointments, is a judicial violation needing immediate redress.