Abu Ammar commemorated [Archives:2005/803/Local News]

January 3 2005

Mohammed bin Sallam
The Palestinaian embassy in Sana'a conducted a ceremony to commemorate the passing of the fortieth day since the death of the Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat at Sana'a University on Dec. 25.

The commemoration was attended by a number of official figures, including Sheik Abdullah Bin Hussein Al-Ahmar, Speaker of the Parliament, Hussein Taher Bin Yahya, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Arab, African, and Asian Countries, a corps of Yemeni intellects, and representatives of diplomatic missions in Yemen.

During the celebration, the Palestinian ambassador, Dr Khaled Sheik, delivered a speech saying: “the life of Abu Ammar was the history of a nation; his sincere [approach] to the issue of his nation made him a [genuine] character.”

“Palestine was his compass he was a hero of struggle and peace, ” Dr Khaled said. “His attitude was to demand that the international community not drop the olive branch from his hand. He convinced his nation with the peace and justice of brave people. Peace for him was regaining his nation's full right to its lands, returning home and building their new independent home with Al-Quds is its capital.”

“Despite that, the horseman was tired, he was eager at any chance to be a martyr and to plant with his blood in the sand of Palestine, protesting the pressures and sieges. He refused to surrender but insisted on his nation's rights whatever the price.”