Abu Ghanim to the YT The (PPSC) introduced a wide range of services in the previous year [Archives:2002/02/Interview]

January 7 2002

The Posts & Postal Saving Corporation (PPSC) is the state-run postal services provider in the Republic of Yemen. It currently manages a number of activities across the country and all over the world. Ismael al-Ghabiri met with Mr. Abdullatif Abu Ghanim, Deputy Director-General of the Districts Affairs at the corporation and filed the following interview.
Q: What are the services provided by the corporation?
A: The Posts & Postal Saving Corporation operates in conformity with the Post Law No. 64 for the year 1991, which authorizes it to run the postal services and post-related saving services republic-wide. The corporation is financially and administratively independent, but it operates according to the regulatory law of the public corporations and authorities.
Since the reunification of Yemen the postal services have been rearranged in accordance with the new circumstances prevalent in the post-unification period in Yemen. The authority has enacted modern laws and regulations that help implement the strategic goals of the state in ways that meet the societys demands for these services.
Q: What kinds of services do the corporation provide?
A: The corporation provides a wide range of services including letters and parcels delivery, individual mailbox, excellent postal services, electronic e-mails, promotional mail services, government mail services, postal remittances, bills collecting services, pensions delivery, etc.
Q: What are the new plans of the corporation to develop its services?
A: The new Minister of Communication, Mr. Abdulmalik Suliman al-Mua’alemi has adopted ambitious plans to develop the postal services rendered by the corporation. The plans aim at improving the current postal services in term of quality and quantity; rehabilitating post offices; increasing the number of the post offices in Sana’a and major cities nationwide and introducing a new range of services.
Q: What is the mission of the postal services?
A: The mission of the post services is a humanitarian one since it is not governed by time, space or bilateral agreements amongst countries. For instance, letters sent by prisoners of wars and the handicapped are free of charge. Similarly, no country can obstruct the delivery of postal letters to or from any country whether it has or hasn’t diplomatic relations with that country. This proves that the mission of the postal services is a humanitarian one.
Q: Is it true that some parcels are opened by the post office workers before they are sent to their recipients?
A: In fact, just a few cases of this sort have been recorded and the perpetrators have been severely punished.
Q: What has the corporation accomplished in the previous year?
A: The corporation has made a lot of progress within the course of the previous year, including the introduction of the pensions delivery services, rehabilitation of seven post offices in Sana’a, training the corporation’s staff in and outside Yemen, inauguration of seven new offices in the countryside and introduction of the bills collecting service for the GSM companies.
Q: How can the post stamps help promote the country’s attractions worldwide?
A: Most countries use the post stamps as a means for propagating their tourist attractions and Yemen is one of the countries that work on this basis. Tourism as one of the potential sources for the national income has been given top priority in this respect. Thus, the corporation has printed lots of post stamps that promote the available tourist attractions in the country.
Q: Any final comments?
A: I’d like to thank the Yemen Times and its staff for its continued follow-up of the activities of the corporation and I hope that it will develop further.