Abulhassan Sentence to  DEATH confirmed [Archives:1999/32/Front Page]

August 9 1999

Last Tuesday, the Preliminary Court of Aden headed by the Judge Mahdi Salam Hinaishan rejected the appeal of the defendants and confirmed its verdict in regards to the case of the islamists Abyan army. Zain Abu Baker Al-Mehdhar (Abulhassan) and Abdullah Mohammed Saleh Al-Juniad were sentenced to death while Abu Horairah and Ahmed Afef were sentenced to an eight years imprisonment. The confirmed verdict is expected to be carried out soon. According to the prosecutor’s report, the accused persons were involved in a number of criminal acts such as kidnapping, forming an illegal armed group associated with support from abroad in an attempt to destroy the national values and interests of the Republic of Yemen. The attorney added that these acts also include looting, bombing strategic sites, and working on the unrest of the country. “The most devastating effect on the country caused by these Abyan Army members is the tarnishing of the image of Yemen in the eyes of the world”, the prosecution claims. 
Interestingly enough, the accused yet admit that they committed these crimes with intention without any regret. 
However, they see this as their legitimate right in an effort to destroy Western domination of Arab and Islamic land. They also confessed that they are against what they call western ideologies such as human rights, democracy, and freedom of opinion.