ABYAN: Key of the buried treasure [Archives:2005/889/Last Page]

October 27 2005


It is located between Aden, Lahaj, Beidha and Shabwa. The northern part is mountainous and the southern part is a coastal plain.

A number of valleys run into this governorate, most prominent of which is Wadi Bana that constitutes Abyan Delta, the most fertile land in Yemen.

This governorate is reputed for the production of cotton, particularly, the long-fiber type sold at the highest prices.

Abyan is characterized by existing of very rare emigrated sea birds' kinds, seeking the food and safety.

Birds like this land cause of its beautiful damp land, water flats, and lakes. There are many kinds of the beautiful birds in Abyan such as the nightingales, penguins, and sea gulls.

Not only had the rare birds characterized Abyan, but also the diversity of handcrafts. The most important of which is the fictile handcrafts that women are working on, in that area.

Then, the jewels manufacturing is coming in the second level of consequence for Abyan people who some of them from coastal part are professional in this craft. Porcelain industry is also one of those handcrafts in the governorate, which considered as small manufactures depend on palms and trees that discharge the colors.

The tourism of the sea is the most important feature of Abyan and that because of its long coastal strip with extent of 280 Km long from Al-Alaam towards Ridaa zone, Ahoaar province. Abyan has the most beautiful natural coasts and sands; and such places like these are so suitable to practicing the fishing tourism, making beach cabins, and building huge touristic villages.

Clearly, we can see that Abyan is a very fertility environment, which has the constituents of naval tourism.

It has an environmental system that fulls of corals, sea herbs, sea creatures, and very distinguished fish for embellishment.

The weather is moderate and the waves are high that allow you to practice a special kind of sport which is the marine skiing.

Abyan Governorate is considered one of the rich governorates with its ancient monuments however; settlements and cemeteries from the bronze and stony ages are appeared in the governorate to give more importance for the place.

Many ancient and historical sites and manuscripts has found in numerous locations in the province like a site from Shebaen period which named Asslan / Al-Dargog.

The Aden Mukalla highway runs through Abyan extending for hundreds of kilometers from Aden in the west Shabwa in the east and through it to Mukalla on the Arabian Sea.

The road passes by many tourist locations, cities and villages along the Arabian Sea in some of its parts and they are:


The capital of Abyan governorate, 60 km to the East of Aden, located at Abyan fertile Delta. It is surrounded by orchards and fruit farms.


The most famous mountain in Abyan governorate is Khanfar Mountain, which is one of Ja'ar features. It is a few Kilometers away, and is considered a famous historical fort, from which the Fatimide missionary, Ali Bin Al-Fadhal, emerged; it is also a tourist site overlooking Abyan green delta.


A coastal city on the Arabia Sea, and an important fishing port with a fish-caning Factory. It is 57 km to the east of Zinjibar with many beautiful beaches.


It is about 127 km to the northeast of Zinjibar with tall houses built of clay and is located in a fertile plain reputed for growing cotton, tobacco, and fruits.


It is 178 km away from Zinjibar in which a hot mineral spring exists.


The tourists' route then passes by Al-Mahfad, which is a weekly market place for the adjacent villages.

The road proceeds to Naqaabah 273 km from Zinjibar and then divides into two paved branch roads one goes towards Attaq, while the other goes to Habban, then the branches of Bir Ali, on to Mukalla on the Arabian Sea.

Abyan Coast Shore:

It is situated at Khormaksar and considered the longest coast in Aden governorate where you can find sands and rest houses.

You can find also other shore scattered all over the coast of the governorate and in more than one location such as Amran, Fukum and Khaisa shores.