Accompanied by thousands of followers and expected to inaugurate projects:Bohra’s leader Burhanaddin in Yemen [Archives:2003/639/Front Page]

June 5 2003

Hassan Al-Zaidi

His Holiness Sayyidna Muhammad Burhanuddin, the leader of the Dawoodi Bohra community worldwide has paid a visit to some of the religious sites in Yemen last Friday.
His visit to Yemen was preceded by a visit to Madagascar, an island in the Indian Ocean, about 385 km away from the south eastern coast of Africa, was accompanied by thousands of his followers.
He also visited the tombs of some of the community's distinguished members in Yemen
Some of the religious places visited are connected with the Fatimids' Islamic sect.
During his visit to Yemen, Burhanuddin has inaugurated a number of charitable projects including laying the foundation stones of mosques along with other development project.
The representative of the Sultan of Bohra to Yemen, Mr. Salman Rasheed made it clear that His Holiness has delivered a religious sermon to thousands of his followers in Yemen on Thursday at the al-Hateeb al-Mubarak, the (Blessing Al- Hateeb Center) based in an area at Haraz mountains.
On this occasion, collective wedding ceremony for 200 bridegrooms was given..
Recently, the Bohra sect in Yemen has declared a long-term fight against Qat and its cultivation.
It is worth-while mentioning that the Muslim community of Dawoodi Bohras traces its ancestry to early conversions to Ismali Shiism during the reign of the Fatimid Caliphate, al-Muntaser.
There is a strong sense of admiration of learning amongst the Dawoodi Bohras. Their Dais usually encourage writers and orators.
There are millions of Dawoodi Bohra followers throughout the world. Most of them however live in India and Pakistan, while others also reside in the Middle East, East Africa, and the West