Accor Hotels invites Bahraini journalists to Yemen [Archives:2007/1038/Local News]

April 2 2007

SANA'A, March 29 – Accor Hotels in Yemen recently invited a group of 10 Bahraini media representatives to visit Yemen and learn more about its unique features, landscape and history. Including journalists, photographers, editors and other media representatives working in Bahrain, the group traveled throughout Yemen between March 23 and 27.

“As the largest hotel group operating in Yemen, we believe in Yemen's tourism richness; thus, we're focusing on promoting the country's features more than promoting our own company. We plan to invite more journalists from other countries to show the world the greatness Yemen has to offer,” said Saleh Farajat, area director of sales and marketing.

The visiting journalists commented that Yemen has a lot to offer, many beautiful places and a marvelously pure and natural environment, adding that Yemenis are most kind, hospitable and generous. Despite these abundant features, they pointed out that Yemen's reputation abroad doesn't reflect these points. Overall, they were pleasantly surprised that the reality of Yemen defied their expectations and proved to be an excellent vacation destination for culture and ecotourism.

Accor Hotels in Yemen planned and organized the journalists' invitation, co-sponsored with Yemenia Airways and Universal Touring Company. Accor Hotels is a French company with four hotels in Yemen: Sofitel Taiz, Mercure Sana'a, Mercure Aden and a new hotel being constructed in Jabal Saber, Taiz.