According to the Latest Statistics: Socotra Undergoes Unbelievable Loss: Floods Caused the Destruction of 1,500 Houses [Archives:2000/01/Front Page]

January 3 2000

Socotra: The initial losses from the torrents and floods which swept the Yemeni island of Socotra early December last year were the complete demolition of 1500 houses and the partial destruction of another 950, officials on the island said.
Officials also said that approximately 650 houses were damaged and that 80% of the island’s houses were suffering from the problem of water leaking through roofs and walls. The officials have said that the initial indications are that tens of thousands of sheep, cattle and other domestic animals are dying. Powerful torrents destroyed tens of farms and orchards, sweeping away great numbers of trees. Floods had also damaged 360 wells and 729 water pumps. Twelve fishing boats and 320 fish nets were lost due to torrents that swept the island’s coast.
The officials also said that the torrents and floods destroyed all of the food stockpiles of the island, 70% of the electricity network, 90% of the water supply and completely isolated many areas of the island.
Heavy rains had fallen on the island of Socotra for several days last December and isolated it from the world. The government of Yemen immediately formed a relief committee to estimate the damage inflicted by floods. Socotra citizens have appealed to local and global organizations to send necessary supplies to help the affected people of the island. The late flood disaster was the most severe ever in the modern history of Socotra. Aid that has come from brotherly countries, such as Oman, has been very helpful. However, further assistance to the area is still badly needed.