ACIF stage international fairs [Archives:2007/1022/Local News]

February 5 2007

SANA'A, Feb. 2 ) Preparing for the year 2007 and in coordination with government parties concerned with supporting trade exchange between Yemen and other world countries, the Apollo Company for International Fairs (ACIF) is currently staging different local and international fairs as part of its annual plan.

The event aims to fulfil demands of rapid development experienced in several parts of the world in a way coping with technological advancements in favor of the consumer.

Omar Al-Nehmi, the company's marketing manager, declared that “2007 has a table filled with trade exhibitions for various Arab and foreign countries, in addition to other specialized fairs.”

Al-Nehmi added that organizing the fair takes into account the private sector as a main partner with the government in the development process. The future fairs are due to be more recent and well organized while Yemeni consumers will know about the global market's most recent products.

He concluded that the recent years saw greater consumer turnout for trade and specialized fairs in Sana'a Expo Center, compared to other fairs in the countries of the region. “This is a positive indicator about awareness of the Yemeni consumer to benefit from these exhibitions, be able to compare and take his/her decision.

The exhibitions that have been approved up until now include Dubai Marketing Festival 2007, Sana'a Third International Fair, the Tenth Fair for Computer and Telecom, the International Car Exhibition, the Exhibition of Electricity, Energy and Construction, the Summer Festival, the International Book Fair and the Eid Festival.