Acting Cuban Envoy to Yemen urges UN to end U.S embargo against his state [Archives:2008/1203/Local News]

October 30 2008

By: Mohamed bin Sallam
SANA'A, Oct. 29 – Charge d'Affaires of the Cuban Embassy in Sana'a Mr. Miguel Porto held a news conference Tuesday at the embassy's premises during which he talked about the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the U.S. against his state since the 1950s. “The American embargo on Cuba is the longest and cruelest in human history,” he said.

“The economic losses as a result of the embargo exceeded $ 93 billion, a score which hurts the living conditions of Cuban citizens,” Michel said, “The embargo leaves negative impacts on food, health, education, transportation, construction, housing and other sensitive sectors that are key to development and prosperity of the Cuban people.”

He added, “The past year saw the worse cruelty in applying the American embargo on our nation. The U.S. attempted to overthrow the current constitutional regime in Cuba, which was established by a referendum by the Cuban people. The U.S. also exploited all the available means to bring together, organize and fund Cuban nationals to work as hired individuals and practice espionage on the government's institutions with the intention of hurting security and stability countrywide.”

The Cuban diplomat went on to say, “We hope that all the 192 UN member states unanimously vote for lifting the embargo. Last year, as many as 184 states voted for lifting the embargo while the U.S., Israel and other smaller pro-America states voted against the idea. This proves refusal of the majority of world states of the genocide policy pursued by the U.S. against the Cuban people and international legislations. This policy contravenes UN conventions, principles of the International Law, and the international criteria that govern economic, commercial and financial relations between states worldwide.” In conclusion, Michel said the Cuban people are indebted to the Yemeni government and people for their support for the various decisions taken by UN in this regard. He continued, “Cuba strongly believes that it will win support and solidarity of the international community with its legal demand to lift a fifty-year embargo imposed by the U.S. against its people.”