Acupressure [Archives:2005/872/Health]

August 29 2005
Photo from archived article: photos/872/health1_1
Photo from archived article: photos/872/health1_1
DR/ Badr Ahmed Al-Hadhrani
Acupressure is a science that deals with the human body and the flow of energy within the body. It is a science, and the technique is not magical or supernatural. Pressure points on the body stimulate corresponding glands and cure sickness by unblocking junctions. Some people describe these areas as epicenters of stress where energy is blocked.

The aim of the therapy of acupressure:

Like many other medical therapy's, acupressure aims to help you to maintain good health. It is a remarkably accessible form of medicine, which may be used to cure common ailments and save expenses on doctors and pharmaceuticals.

History of the Acupressure:

As early as 3000 B.C the moomtastic Chinese scientist (Huang De) was applying acupuncture (the therapy which consists in inserting very fine needles at carefully defined places in the body tissues) to diagnose and cure many illnesses.

Acupressure doesn't regard the human body as composed of an emotional and physical realm, but treats the body as one integrated whole.

This principle is fundamental to the philosophy and science of acupressure.

Whether the disorder in the body has been caused by an emotional disturbance or a physical ailment it is treated in the same way.

Another important principle relates to neurological inter-connectivity. The nerve endings of all blood vessels and neural pathways terminate in the hands and feet. It is therefore believed that these act as focal points where the neural system may be accessed. Naturally this necessitates an understanding of the relationship between hand and foot pressure points and the body and also how to manipulate this knowledge to influence the health of a patient.

In the order to identify these points scientifically the entire human body was divided vertically and horizontally. (1)

If the whole body right from head to foot is divided into 10 parts we would know which part of the body corresponds to which point of the foot.

The body was also divided into three parts horizontally.

How Acupressure Works:

The science of acupressure is based theories and understanding which often contradicts aleopathy (ie. western medicine).

The theory stats that the human body has fourteen imaginary meridians \”that carry energy throughout the body.

These meridians start at the fingertips