Adam Sentenced to Death [Archives:2000/47/Front Page]

November 20 2000

The court of Bani Al Harith, Sunday issued its verdict against Mohammed Adem Omar. The court stated that the sentence should be executed in pubic at Sanaa University faculty of Medicine near the morgue.
It was also reported that he should be given 80 lashes because of drinking as it is in the Islamic law. The second item of the verdict stated that Sanaa University should pay 10 million Yemeni Ryals to the families of the victims, 5 million each.
The third is to name two halls after the two victomes.
The verdict is subjected to appeal by the accused. The lawyers of the victims described the sentenses as just, but they were not satisfied with the second part concerning Sanaa University. They said that the compensation to be paid does not go along with the damage that has been caused to the families of the victimes.
This has put an end to the Adem case, but many questions about the University Autorities are still unanswered.