Aden 4th Marine Festival to Mark [Archives:1997/46/Sports]

November 17 1997

30th Independence Anniversary
The marine festival is considered to be one of the most distinguished and oldest festivals. In Aden, for decades the fishermen used to show off many skills such as walking horizontally on wooden grease covered posts, boat racing and swimming etc. This festival has become an annual sports tradition in which many youths from various governorates participate. It was decided that the marine festival be held on November 29th, every year. Nowadays, the office of the Ministry of Youth and Sports is arranging to hold the fourth marine festival on November 29, 1997. Mr. Ahmed Al-Dolayi, director of the Youth and Sport Office in Aden said in a statement, “the governorate will witness a big sport carnival at the Army Stadium in Aden in addition to the marine festival which will be full of sports activities and competitions”. This festival is financed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, some companies and Mr. Taha Ahmed Ghanem, the governor of Aden.