Aden Airport Regains its International Trade Activity [Archives:2002/04/Business & Economy]

January 21 2002

The Yemenia Airlines Company has decided to resume its nonstop flights from Aden International Airport to London, Amman, and Egypt to revive the tourist and commercial role of the Free Zone and providing additional services for passengers, businessmen, and tourists who desire to visit the commercial and economic capital, Aden and its attractive scenes.
This decision has come as a result of resuming its nonstop flights from Aden Airport within the framework of a general policy adopted by the government to regain confidence with regard to investing and attracting more tourists to Yemen. Official sources said that the government’s efforts in the field of economic reforms and the recent security measures against tribal elements involved in kidnapping incidents, protecting the foreign interests, taking stiff security measures of the sea harbors and outlets are considered encouraging means to attract investors and tourists to the free zone and the Commercial and Economic Capital, Aden.
Several countries, such as, Germany, France, and Britain adopted measures urging their citizens to come back to Yemen and allowing businessmen to resume their activities there. The Yemenia Airlines intends to resume its suspended flights after the September 11 incidents, either from Sana’a or Aden airports such as, Dubai, Egypt, Bombay, and Europe.
In this respect, the Yemenia Airlines has inaugurated its flights to the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur with the aim of expanding other international airlines and dealing with new markets which will of course be a source of attracting more tourists to Yemen. Regaining the Yemenia Airlines constitute a commercial dimension for the free zone. It will in turn provide services to businessmen at high speed. Within the framework of rehabilitating Aden airport to the benefit of the free zone, a small township for commodities and forwarding was established to enhance the commercial role of the industrial zone and utilizing the Yemenia Airlines for this purpose.
It is worthwhile mentioning that the free zone reputation has been greatly affected by the latest incidents in the US and the USS Cole in Aden Harbor, October 12, 2000. As a result of this, those who applied to investment permissions in the industrial zone have been decreased. It is expected that the free zone will witness during the year 2002 an active investment and attract foreign capitals especially the Arab and Gulf Countries. This will in turn help in improving the free zone and also the air fright services at Aden airport considering it as commercial gateway to the world.